Friday, October 22, 2010

The Like/Dislike NBA Preview


Like: The all-new Motion Offence replacing their stagnant 1-on-1 Iso rubbish.

Dislike: That they ignore it at every possible opportunity.


Like: That they have a legit chance to dethrone both the Lakers and Heat.

Dislike: More undeserved exposure for Shaquille O'Neal. You're a 18min a night guy now, Shaq.


Like: A Tyrus Thomas breakout year finally benches fat Frenchman Boris Diaw for good.

Dislike: Point guards that Larry Brown loves: ie. none of 'em.


Like: The effort that a frontline of Noah, Boozer and Gibson brings night in, night out.

Dislike: First year head coach Tom Thibodeau has gotten a very easy ride so far.


Like: A squad full of championship-level depth. Maybe. If you squint a bit and tilt your head to the side.

Dislike: No star to go with that depth. Their best player is Anderson Varejao.


Like: A really big team. Built to dethrone the Lakers.

Dislike: Pity about everyone else. Not enough playing time for Roddy Buckets.


Like: A hopefully-healthy coach George Karl (who's a major upgrade over Adrian Dantley).

Dislike: No Melo = a gutted Nuggets squad. Chauncey Billups shouldn't be your main guy. Ever.


Like: Multi-skilled big fellas Greg Monroe and Charlie Villanueva.

Dislike: Multi-skilled except for rebounding, that is. A three-guard monster who can't/won't pass.

Golden State:

Like: Stephen Curry. That is all.

Dislike: If David Lee's your frontline enforcer for six years, you've got major troubles. Especially without Nellie-Ball.


Like: A GM that most franchises would kill for (are you hearing me, Paul Allen?)

Dislike: That the franchise is shackled to Yao and his marketability, no matter what anyone says.


Like: Roy Hibbert's development could mean another true franchise centre.

Dislike: There's been no adequate 2-guard since Reggie. Brandon Rush? Please no.

LA Clippers:

Like: A good young core of Blake Griffin, Eric Gordon and Eric Bledsoe.

Dislike: What else? They're the Clippers. We, like they, hate Donald T. Sterling.

LA Lakers:

Like: Steve Blake's acquisition. Sasha Vujacic's fiancee.

Dislike: Kobe's arrogance. Pau Gasol's beard. Sasha Vujacic's very existence.


Like: The re-emergence of the Z-Bo we all know and love.

Dislike: Michael Heisley. Hopefully he sells up to a Seattle-based consortium. Viva La Supersonics!!


Like: Undeniable cricket-score potential against squads like Golden State, Phoenix & New York.

Dislike: Doesn't Chris Bosh's head seem about 50% too small for his body? It's extremely creepy.


Like: A team with no real weaknesses - they have scoring, defense & depth.

Dislike: A remarkable resemblance to the early '80s Bucks - quality, but probably not enough to win big.


Like: Kevin Love will emerge as both a real-life and fantasy stud.

Dislike: (click here)

New Jersey:

Like: Avery Johnson's return to the coaching ranks. A goofy owner we can laugh with/at.

Dislike: Total & complete reliance on moving to Brooklyn and Prokhorov's billions as a franchise's good points.

New York:

Like: They finally have the horses to run D'Antoni's fast-paced offense well.

Dislike: The horses aren't exactly world-beaters.

New Orleans:

Like: Chris Paul is back, healthy and has players to pass to.

Dislike: Peja Stojakovic & Emeka Okafor are still on the books.

Oklahoma City:

Like: The Durant/Westbrook/Ibaka troika could rule the world in two years.

Dislike: They won't be ruling the world from Seattle.


Like: Dwight Howard actually worked on his post game (with The Dream, no less) during the summer.

Dislike: They should be able to beat the Heat. Maybe the Lakers as well. Not the Celtics.


Like: If they run, the Sixers can paper over myriad squad deficiencies.

Dislike: Bigs like Spencer Hawes and Elton Brand aren't exactly made for running.


Like: Steve Nash combines likeable, hardworking and horrible hair with ease.

Dislike: Hedo and "Fear the Fro" instead of Amar'e and Louis Amundson. Doesn't spell "grunt", does it?


Like: Almost nonpareil depth - Przybilla, Camby, Babbitt, Bayless, Matthews etc.

Dislike: Patty Mills very unlikely to be amongst that depth.


Like: DaMarcus Cousins could be the best player out of his draft class.

Dislike: They have no intent in providing him with discipline he and last year's top pick Tyreke Evans so obviously need.

San Antonio:

Like:Duncan + Ginobili + Parker + Hill + Blair = Playoffs.

Dislike: Duncan + Ginobili + Parker + Hill + Blair = Major Injury worries.


Like: They could legitimately field a starting lineup with five different nationalities, none of whom are American (Andersen, Bargnani, Kleiza, Barbosa & Calderon).

Dislike: The team will stink this year. And perhaps for ever. Take it to the bank.


Like: Al Jefferson should average 20/10 with Deron passing him the ball.

Dislike: Opposing bigs will average the same (or better) against him.


Like: Only four more years of Gilbert Arenas' contract millstone around their necks.

Dislike: John Wall will have been eligible for free agency by then and left.

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