Monday, August 20, 2012

Graphic: The Football League heat map

This is a concept I've been playing around with for the past week.  It's basically a year-by-year standings of the English Football League tree made to look pretty by colour-coding specific finishes.  That is, red represents a league finish in the top 15 of the 92 Football League teams, a year highlighted in orange denotes a club finishing in position 16-30 and so on.

Clubs are arranged according to their average league position over the 20 years - that is, Manchester United are ranked highest because since 1992-93 their average league position (ALP) is 1.6.  Clubs in boldface type are those who competed in the Football League/Premier League in 2011-12.

The map varies when this starting arrangement is altered: another heatmap will be uploaded shortly showing the League tree arranged according to ALP over the past five years:

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