Thursday, September 5, 2013

Graphic: Transfer window MADNESS!!

The summer transfer window really is quite long.  Like, over 90 days long.  

But clubs still tend to make purchases late.  For some, like Arsenal, this was an absolute gift because Mesut Özil is better than others the club may have bought earlier.  However for other slackers - stand up, Ed Woodward and David Moyes - the laissez-faire posture displayed over the warmer months left them £4 million out of pocket and the proud owners of the gangliest gangler who ever did gangle.

The graph below charts British player movement by date.  Over the course of the 2013 offseason, there were 156 paid (or undisclosed) transfers and 182 loan deals, while 125 players moved clubs for no fee.  Most activity occurred at months' end - particularly July (when standard contracts expire) and August (when the movement window expires).  

A typical day in the transfer window saw five transactions (or, about 1% of the total) with the busiest days other than Deadline day recording seventeen moves.  On the final day of the movement window, 12% of all paid/undisclosed transfers were finalized, as were nearly 19% of all loan deals.  This number is half that of the end of the Winter transfer window, when nearly 24% of 284 all deals were completed on January 31.

Jim White loves it.

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