Thursday, February 13, 2014

Luis Suarez, cultivator of chaos

Luis Suarez just can’t be stopped.

Despite claims to being the Premiership’s best player last season, the Liverpool forward has been nothing short of astonishing during 2013-14. A year ago he was creative – generating 5.7 shots per game – but perhaps a little profligate despite returns of 20 goals in 33 matches.

While his shot attempts have dipped slightly to 5.4/game, those attempts now realize 1.2 goals per contest.  Aided by a more embedded and threatening supporting cast, Luis Suarez is now more dangerous than during his prior lone wolf role. As you can see in the chart below, he is actually perhaps the devastating forward in Europe this term.

Alongside a similar sizeable increase from compatriot Daniel Sturridge (from 16% to 26%) and a very settled Liverpool lineup – this newfound ability to capitalize on chances created has been crucial to Liverpool’s rise from shot-happy Europa League entrant to title contenders.

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