Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Visualised EPL individual player offensive/defensive contributions

The following charts detail how regularly an EPL player's team scores and concedes while he is on the pitch. 

His team's rate of scoring is plotted on the X-axis, meaning the further a player is located to the left, the more frequently his team scores when he plays. Concession rate is plotted on the Y-axis, meaning the higher a player is located in the chart, the more his team concedes while he is on the pitch. 

Notable outliers include Don Cowie (Cardiff City) and Sandro (Tottenham Hotspur).

The "average" player for each team is plotted and marked in green.

To feature in a chart, a player must have played 500 minutes for his club. Note that Brad Guzan (Villa), Steven Caulker (Cardiff) and David De Gea (United) have played every minute for their club this season. 

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