Saturday, May 28, 2011

Welcome to My Favourite Cricketer

Welcome to My Favourite Cricketer. This is a special feature which Balanced Sports and World Cricket Watch where we're inviting several of the world's leading cricket writers to submit pieces which explain the romance of their favourite cricket players.

This series will run throughout the Northern Summer/Southern Winter and week by week, piece by piece, will build a complete picture of some of the most influential players in memory.

Usually, you'll find that these might go back a few years as our formative years in the sport are those which have the greatest influence on us. For many of us, you'll see references back to our childhoods when the game was new and exciting.

We're asking our writers to compile works which really show you what they think of their cricket heroes, to try and get you to feel what they feel. They'll use videos, photos and plenty of other tools in this pursuit.

Each will be a labour built on fond memories, a joy to compose and, we hope, just as fun to read.

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