Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Complete English Premier League Table, 1993-2011

Yes, we know, we're stat-heads and have no life. At least, that's what it feels like at times! But the pointy-heads at Balanced Sports have spent the past several hours slaving over an increasingly hot lap-top to bring you THE COMPLETE ENGLISH PREMIER LEAGUE TABLE since 1993!

Manchester United sits atop with twelve titles, but who sits behind them? Arsenal? Chelsea? Palace? The Battersea Home for Lost Dogs third XI ... click across to find out. (It's too big to post here).


  1. Informative blog you got here for a premier league betting. I've checked your English Premier League Table, the info you got there is raw stats?

  2. Alan - yep, we've basically sieved through the table for the last twenty years and compiled it into the tables there.

    The raw data was taken from the Premiership's site and ESPN. Actually took significantly longer than we thought to get it up and in such *cough cough* "neat" order.