Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Time-lapse Photostudy: Joe Flacco to Ed Dickson

From time to time when we attend a sporting event, we will post these time-lapse photoseries, detailing looks at the technique and plays called in sport at the highest level.  Our first commemorates Matt's first ever live NFL game, between the Seattle Seahawks and the Baltimore Ravens.

These photos were taken from the "Hawk's Nest", at the North end of CenturyLink Field.  Please excuse the photos overlapping the blog field - it was necessary to get the relevant detail required in each frame.

Joe Flacco of the Baltimore Ravens getting ready for the snap against the Seahawks

TE Ed Dickson escapes the attention of Seattle OLB Leroy Hill.  Note Flacco's recognition.

The camera shoots at 3 frames/second.  This means now Flacco's pocket has endured for over two seconds, with no sign of a Seahawk defender getting anywhere near the Ravens' QB.

This is one reason why the Ravens could play in the Playoffs this year and the Seahawks won't: the Ravens have an offensive line capable of regularly repelling the pass rush.  Flacco throws unmolested.

Good catch by Dickson under pressure.

Play ends with a 17 yard gain for the Ravens.
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  1. Great angle. As someone who has only rarely seen American Football on the TV the difference looking directly down the field versus from side on makes is amazing. The game appears so less cluttered here than it does to an uniniated soul on the box.