Monday, November 28, 2011

Time-Lapse photostudy: Marshawn Lynch, Seattle Seahawks, runs for touchdown

In the second of our photoseries specials, we present the Seattle Seahawks' best offensive weapon, running back Marshawn Lynch runs for a touchdown against the Baltimore Ravens.

Lynch's run in the playoffs last season created such noise in Seattle's (then) Qwest Field that a minor earthquake was registered on local seismographs due to crowd noise. These photos were taken from the Hawk's Nest at CenturyLink Field.

Marshawn Lynch receives the ball from QB Tavaris Jackson

Left Guard (LG) Rob Sims (6'3, 312lbs) opens up two holes for Lynch

You can see RB Michael Robinson (26) leading Lynch to block for him

Lynch, second Seahawk from left, hits the ground to break the plane

Most interesting thing here: QB Tavaris Jackson is already on his way to the sideline, well before TD is called

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