Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sixteen Is in one post make you seem rather egotistical...


For much of the past two-plus years, I've been unemployed.  Hardly revelatory news, I know, but there it is.  This time next week, that status officially changes as I begin graduate school and re-training as a Physical Therapist (or Physiotherapist).  It'll be nearly three years at a world-class school in a completely new education system, a challenge I'm very much looking forward to and think I will enjoy.

Over the existence of Balanced Sports, I've really tried to avoid talking about me.  So why change this now and tell you all that I'm going back to school?  Partly, because it's liable to effect you, my readers.

While I think I'll be able to handle the academic workload and balance my life well enough throughout the next three years, one of the first areas that will need to be streamlined will likely be my writing.  As much as I enjoy it, and it's been - and will continue to be - a productive hobby, over the next three years passing grades are going to be more important than the perils of Pauline Manchester City.

Writing is my a hobby.  Much of what I produce over the next three years will fulfill my continuing work with the Montreal Gazette's Goal Posts blog (and then re-posted here).  Sadly, the result is likely to be a reduction in content based around sports other than football.  I'll continue to comment on whatever sports-based stuff takes my fancy on Twitter - @balanced_sports.

Rather than discarding Balanced Sports, I'm actually hope to use the opportunity to take a fresh approach to composition and use each post as an opportunity to experiment and grow as a writer.  However, I expect a reduced frequency of postings: quality over quantity and all.

Thanks for reading my stuff.  Some of it - I think, anyway - is pretty good.  Some of it, well, at least it tries to be good.  I hope you'll enjoy the next eleven consecutive quarters of reduced portion - but hopefully very rich - content.

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